What I can do for you:

1. Teach & consult with you on the installation and basics of WordPress. What are widgits and plugins.  How to secure your site.  What are pages and posts & which do you use for what.  How to publish and schedule.  How to change and use themes.  How to backup your site.  Always backup your site!

2. Be with you and walk you through the process of buying a domain name, finding a host for your website, setting up your site and installing WordPress.

3. Recommend and research plugins which will help you accomplish a specific function you need your WordPress installation to perform.

4. Help you fix broken stuff and restore from backups if your WordPress site dies. You did backup your website right?  The files and the database right?

5. Provide on-going support for your site.

6. Build a WordPress based website for you.


Recent Blog Posts from WordPress Art & Science

Is Your Website Using Too Many Resources? Part 1

Probably not. Maybe.  But probably not. Should you put in a support ticket with your hosting company it’s likely (based on my personal experience) that the very first response they will have is to tell you “you are using too many resources.” Because if the problem is you, not them, they don’t have to do any work. You may ask “What are these resources I’m using too many of?”  Good … Continue reading →

Learning The Hard Way: Renew Your Domain Name

When running a website it’s important to know when your services run out and who you have to pay for them.  If you don’t . . . bad things are going to happen. Just like a bad thing happened to me. Many moons ago when I first hit the interwebz I bought my very first domain name.  It’s the site which has become my photography website.  On The Fly Photography. … Continue reading →

Posting To Social Media From #WordPress Shouldn’t Be This Difficult. But It Is.

I hate Facebook.  Have I mentioned that? I’ve actually dreamed about deleting my Linkedin account and woken up smiling. Twitter is the only form of social media you’ll ever catch me enjoying. All I want to do is automatically send my WordPress posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  I’ve tested multiple plugins and with the exception of Jetpack they have all failed. Get Jetpack here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/ Jetpack Pros: Easy to … Continue reading →

Cleaning Out Your #WordPress Database

Howdy.  Let’s talk about size.  Specifically the size of your WordPress database.  Size does matter.  Regardless of what you’ve been told. If you database gets too large and full of junk it can slow down your site.  I’ve embarked on a voyage of discovery.  The goal being to clean up and trim down my WordPress databases.  Here are my experiences so far with two plugins. WP-Optimize This plugin helps you … Continue reading →