If you have been looking for help with your existing website . . .


If you have been looking for someone to build a website for you . . .


If you had a local person or company build your site for you and something isn’t working the way you want it to work . . .

You may have heard some of these lies.

No joke. All of these lies are things clients and friends of mine have been told. I can’t make this up.

1. It will cost $1000 to make your website responsive.

Not if it’s WordPress.

If you are attached to your current theme you can simply install the plugin wptouch. There is a free version and a paid version. The free version will make your website responsive with you having to do nothing other than activate it. It may not look exactly as you want it to look. Yet it will be responsive.

Wptouch has advanced configuration that allows you to customize how it displays your site. This will allow you to make things look the way you want them to look.

Jetpack is another option to make your site responsive. Jetpack is a multifunctional plugin which I think every WordPress site should be using. It has a number of modules which can be turned on or off individually. Amongst those is a module which will make your site responsive.

Jetpack will also provide you with statistics about site traffic which are superior to Google Analytics. But that’s another story.

You can also update your theme to a responsive theme. If your theme isn’t responsive then it may be old enough for you to consider updating. This is your best option most of the time.

2. You have to use a custom theme and you have to pay us to write it for you.

No. You need a customizable theme. But you don’t need a custom theme.

The lie you are being told, maybe not explicitly but via vagueness and omission, by the person talking at you is that he is going to write a custom WordPress theme for you. From scratch. Starting with no code at all.

That’s simply not true. He is going to take the same code he uses on everyone’s WordPress site and customize it for your site.

Further more since he have sold you a “custom” theme that means the only person who knows enough to update or change the theme will be him. That’s what he is going to tell you.

And that’s why he will tell you it will cost $1000 to make your site responsive.

You may also hear this one . . .

3. If we build your website you have to host it on our servers.

If it’s WordPress it will run on any server. As long as the hosting company has MySQL databases you can host your WordPress site there. These days pretty much any hosting company offers MySQL database capability. I have run across some hosts that limit the number of MySQL databases you can have. That should make you consider another hosting company.

People and companies who insist you host your WordPress site on their servers are only doing this make more money and to hold you hostage.

The next lie you will hear is . . .

4. If you want to update, change, delete, add, so forth anything on your site we have to do that for you. WordPress is too complicated for you to use.

Most wrong thing ever. WordPress is not complicated to use. That’s one reason for it’s popularity. If you can create a document in Microsoft Word or a slide in Microsoft Powerpoint you already know how to use WordPress.

WordPress is not too complicated for you to use. If you think it is I can teach you to use WordPress and prove you wrong.

That when you’ll hear the next lie . . .

5. We can’t let you have administrator access or FTP access to your site because that is a security risk.

This one is kinda true. Having an FTP account and admin access are “security risks”. Guess what. Having a website is a security risk.

Did you know that every web site that has ever been hacked is on the internet. Your web site will also be on the internet. It might get hacked.

I have bad news for you. Being alive is a security risk.

Did you know that 100% of people who have died were previously alive? You should stop being alive right now or you’re gonna die.

Sounds stupid don’t it? So does the idiot who told you this.

Having a website really is a security risk. How much of a risk is up to you. Do you have a hard to guess user name? Do you have a strong password? Do you have a security plugin which is configured correctly? Do you backup your site?

There are ways to make your site secure.

One thing I can tell you will not make your site secure is you not having access to your site.

6. Only we can administrate your site. You can’t fire us.

If it’s WordPress anyone can run the site for your. Including you.

How they usually screw you is by writing a “custom” theme for you, or using plugins and a theme which only they can get support for, or by making things so complex and convoluted only they know what’s going on.

I’ve had clients bring me sites like this. I replace the theme. I remove the unnecessary plugins. I replace the things I can’t get support for. And everything is good.

7. One more lie. The “only once chance so give us money” lie.

I know someone who has multiple blogs. She was considering merging all the blogs into one so that it would all be on one website. In relating the story to me she mentioned some outrageous amount of money she was quoted for doing this and justified it by pointed out that there was only “one chance to get it right” and that’s why it would cost so much money and she wasn’t going to do it.

“One chance to get it right” my ass. That is a complete lie.

Without getting stupid technical on you – all the posts in your WordPress site are contained in the database. What she needed to do was take multiple databases and combine them. Since the database is a computer file you can make unlimited copies of it.

You copy the databases. You merge them. You test it. If you messed up you try again.

Once it’s working on a test site, you do what you did with the real site.

There is no “one chance to get it right”. This is the sort of lie people will tell you to make you afraid and give them money out of fear.

The person lying to you simply wants your money. So do I.

Oh shit. Truth.

Let me be clear about this.

I. Want. Your. Money.

The difference between me and some of the other people trying to sell you a website is that:

  • I don’t want to hold you hostage.
  • I don’t want to scare you.
  • I don’t want to over complicate things.

I want you to give me your money because I’m creating value for you.

Because I’m enhancing your understanding of the joy & pain of running a website.

Because working with me is making your life better and easier.

And ’cause sometimes I’m pretty damn funny.

When WordPress Art and Science creates a website for you I can be fired at any time.

You will own everything.

  • If I buy a theme for your site, and I’ll probably buy Weaver X, it will be purchased in your name. You will own it.
  • If there are any plugins that have to be purchased for your site they will be purchased in your name. You will own them.
  • You will have the user name and password for Jetpack and Google analytics.
  • You will have FTP and administrator access. I will have a separate login.
  • You will own the hosting and have cPanel access.

You can fire me any time I don’t do my job to your satisfaction. You will have all the passwords and access which you can turn over to someone else and they can take over.

I do not take hostages.

If you are interested in having a webmaster you freely associate with then contact me to find out if I’m the person to work with in the process of building your website.