skippy-focowphelpWho is Skippy?

I was afraid you would ask that.

Skippy is a somewhat cool guy (if you catch him at the right time) who likes photography, yoga, cats, sunshine, coffee, friends, bikes and computers.

Once upon a time Skippy didn’t know anything about WordPress either.  Then he learned from doing, making mistakes (lots of mistakes) and getting training from lots of people who know much about the ways of WordPress.

Upon listening to other people talking about their future designs Skippy realized that there are many folks out there who need a website to support their product, idea or mission but they don’t move forward with implementation.  Often this is because they are reluctant to dive into something which they don’t understand.  Skippy realized that he could provide them with that understanding so they could confidently move forward with their vision.

And there it is.

Skippy is here to help you with WordPress so you can get on with your life.

If you are ready to get moving then contact him.

Important notes: 

Skippy is very serious about helping you, but not quite so serious about how he goes about it.  Further more Skippy almost never talks about himself in third person in real life.

Finding Skippy elsewhere on the internet.

otf-clearSkippy creates fashion, fantasy and fine art photography as On The Fly Photography.

Time/Place PhotographySkippy orchestrates wedding photography as Time/Place Photography.