An important message:

In my other life I am a theatre and event technician specializing in lighting and stage management.  If you need either of those services you can hit me up for that as well.  The important and relevant part however is this.  Please be aware that April, August, mid November and December are my busy months for theatre & event gigs.  I will have limited time for WordPress projects during those months.  It is not unusual for me to be working 80 hours a week during these times.

Those months are not the time to start and complete major overhauls or new websites.  I will always attend to any emergency you have as fast as I can.

Another important message:

Don’t contact me until you know my rates.

Read the contract ahead of time:

Yet more important things:

Depending on what needs to be accomplished or fixed I will need assorted levels of access to your WordPress installation and hosting service.  I may or may not need the following access credentials (user name and password):

  1. WordPress administrator access (required for everything)
  2. FTP
  3. cPanel
  4. Hosting Service
  5. PHPMyAdmin

You need only send me WordPress credentials to start – but be aware that I may be asking you for the others.


Skippy [at] WordPressArtAndScience [dot] com

Google Voice (voice mail or txt)


Finding me for a physical meeting

Typically I meet at Cohere Coworking Community.

418 South Howes Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521


Directions to Cohere


WordPress Art & Science
PO Box 1849
Fort Collins, CO  80522-1849

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