I can build a WordPress based website for you.

If you want a website but don’t know where to start it can be very confusing and feel like way too much to take on.  I can help you get started with buying your domain name and selecting a hosting company.  Once those are done I can set up WordPress, configure email addresses at your domain name and get everything up and running for you.

I typically only use free and open source plugins and themes.  In the event you want or need to use a component that cost money you will purchase and own it, not me.  The reason I do this is so that you have complete control and ownership of your site and all the software on it.  If you want to have someone else work on your site or take control of it everything will be open and available to them.  You are under no obligation to continue using my services.

I use the Weaver X Plus theme to build sites.  It’s very flexible and easy to configure.  If your needs are not covered by Weaver I’ll find a theme that does what you need.

If you want me to check in to your website on a regular basis to look things over you can purchase a maintenance package subscription.  Details on what a maintenance package subscription includes.

Building a website takes quite a bit of planning.  Before I start doing anything we will need to chat about what your needs are, what you want the site to look like, what the purpose is and how it should be organized.  This will require quite a bit of planning on your end so that we can put it together right the first time and make it work for you.  Be expecting some homework.  Follow this link for your “homework” when setting up a website.

Expect the process to take at least 6 weeks from the first time we talk until the day the site is ready to go “live”.  If you are some sort of deadline be sure to let me know this up front and be ready to answer questions and provide materials in a timely manor to make it happen.

Cost for building a site:  I bill at $65.00 / hour, $85.00 for the first hour.  35 to 45 hours is the typical time it takes for a static website or a blog. More advanced sites will take more time.  Adequate planning by both of us will make things go faster.  Ready to get started?  Contact me and let’s make it happen.

This is important, read this.  I am not a content writer.  I “can” write the content of your blog but that’s not the best idea.  Either you should write it yourself or you should hire a copy writer.  I can make some suggestions to you if need be.  I do the technical side of things.  Setting up the site and making it work.

Copyright:  You need to own the rights to, or have permission to use, all content I put on your website.  That’s text, graphics, photos, everything.

Review my contract for building a new website or rebuilding an existing website.