If you have a WordPress site but don’t know how to use it effectively I can assist you with that.

I’ll sit down beside you and go through all you need to know so that you can add and modify the content of your website.  Additionally I can teach you about configuring widgets, adding and removing plugins, changing themes, backing up your site and database, and even the basic ideas behind the voodoo called SEO.

My ultimate goal is not to do it for you but to teach you what you need to know to run your WordPress site yourself. That way you don’t have to pay anyone to do this for you ever again.  My ideal customer is someone who wants to quickly learn what needs to be known to get WordPress up, running and productive.  Then learn to do all the basics themselves.

Payment terms: Cash or personal check at time of service rendered.

Video tutorials:  I can create video tutorials showing you how to do things for your website.  This way you will have audio and visual references you can keep and look at any time you need.  Cost for these is $100 per hour that I spend recording and creating them.  How long it takes to make the videos depends on how much you want me to cover.

Follow up: Clients can send me an email for assistance at any time.  I will provide free support and help within reason for past clients.  I get to define what “reason” means.  If I spend 15 minutes figuring out something for you that’s no big deal.  If it’s going to take a hour or more then we move into the paid consultation range again.

Cost for one-on-one WordPress tutoring: $85 for the first hour, $65 for each additional hour, rounded up in 15 minute increments.  Each additional person present at the session is an additional $50 for each hour, rounded up in  15 minutes.

Contact me to get started.