WordPress Monthly Maintenance Package

I will at least twice a month log into your site and check things out to make sure they are looking right.  Upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes and maintain a backup of your file system and database in my possession.

Depending on what plugins you have already I may or may not need to install plugins to perform backups, optimize the database and provide security analysis & protection.

Cost for this service is $60 per month or $600 per year for each WordPress installation.

What is included.

  1. Fixing any minor problems with your site.
  2. Backing up the file system.
  3. Backing up the database.
  4. Optimizing the database.
  5. Upgrading WordPress, plugins and themes.  I will perform backups before upgrades and if the upgrade breaks any thing restore the site to its condition before the upgrade.  For critical upgrades such as the WordPress core and essential plugins I will usually upgrade my websites first, wait a few days to make sure nothing blows up, then update client websites.
  6. 1 hour each month of time for doing things such as tweaks to your site, researching and installing plugins, theme configuration, pretty much anything that might need doing on your site.  If you need a short tutorial video on some aspect of WordPress I can do that as well.  Important: These are “use them or lose them”.  Unused hours do not carry forward nor have any refundable value.  Any additional hours worked in a given month beyond the free hour are billed out at $65 / hour.  If the work is not critical I will save it for next month and use your free hour from that month.
  7. I may also install plugins to enhance the security of your site and reduce referral spam if you do not already have plugins that perform those functions.

What is not included.

  1. Restoring your site from backups if you broke it.  This would be billed at standard rates.  If I broke it, I fix it on my time.
  2. One-on-one tutoring is not included in the maintenance package “1 hour of time”.
  3. Pretty much anything not detailed in the “what is included” section.

Interested in finding out more?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to talk with you.

Contract for the WordPress Art & Science Maintenance Package